Alumni Activities

About Alumni

"Alumni" is a generic term that describes all those who have spent time studying at a particular institution. It is a lifetime relationship with continued interest, interaction and involvement with one?s Alma mater. Alumni stand strong to prove the success of the college, and its efforts. It was started with a motive of bringing together all the Alumni and share their experiences they faced outside the college and also extend their helping hands from all aspects for the young students of the college.


    • The following activities were done by the Alumni Association
    • They acted as judges in various contests.
    • Delivered demonstration lessons on various topics to enhance the skills of students.
    • Demonstration classes in micro teaching skills were taken by them.
    • Handled classes for NET and TNTET.
    • Donated coin box, ceiling fan, and books to the college library.

      Extension Activities

      The local community has been benefitted from the Institution through its various extension activities. A few of them are mentioned below:

    • Charity work
    • Eye Camp
    • Visiting Special school
    • Special coaching classes for Net examination
    • Blood detection and donation camps
    • Health awareness programme
    • Honouring the Winners
    • Awareness Rally Program
    • Distribution of sarees and cash
    • AIDS awareness programme
    • Road Safety awareness programme
    • Awareness Rally Program
    • Expert Talks
    • Donations to neighbourhood schools