• To develop national & International understanding.
  • To give proper conception of time,space,society & ideas.
  • To Develop spirit of tolerance.
  • To train students in solving Controversial issues.
  • To Foster love for cultural heritage.
  • To impart knowledge and understanding to students? About past (cognitive).
  • To mould their attitude & create intrest towards history.
  • To develop the skill of the students.
  • To teach moral Principles.

Mode of teaching

  • Pre-training evaluation of students.
  • Training in Developing low cost Teaching Aids.
  • Micro Teaching/Macro Teaching Demonstrations.
  • On the spot Lesson Planning.
  • Model lessons by teachers.
  • Out of college activities.
  • Visits to museum/ other sites.

Teaching Aids Available

  • Over head projector
  • Automatic slide projector
  • Microscope
  • Other materials required for developing lessons on concepts upto secondary stage.
  • T.V
  • CD Player
  • Bio Visual charts
  • Models
  • Tool Kit

Name of the Faculty
Mrs.C.Nirmala Assistant Professor in History M.A(History).,M.Ed., 3 Months