The aim of our college is to produce teachers of good quality and high standard who will pave the way for the prosperity of India.

  • To augment professionals ideals and standard.
  • To perk up instructional methods and practices and organizational usages.
  • Arm the students with requisite skills, knowledge and aptitudes with effective instigation
  • Divulging quality education to the society and rendering social service without discrimination.
  • To make them prosper in academic activities by continual improvement in Teaching methods, Laboratory facilities and Research activities.
  • To mould them to become Entrepreneurs To nurture the students and mould them as well cultured citizen with good human and ethical values.
  • To develop the department as a center of excellence by taking care of the local and regional needs related to education activity and to enrich the knowledge of the students.
  • To educate students from the local and rural areas, so that they become enlightened individuals and improve the living standards of their families, Education and society.
  • To help the student teachers to advance in their knowledge in their chosen subjects for the secondary school training.
  • To deepen their teaching skills to develop their capacity.
  • To use their experience of the training while they are in their teaching profession.
  • To help them to do the thing in time and to develop the punctuality.
  • To create the habit of reading and the importance of books.
  • To be more creative in their outlook as teachers.
  • To create a feeling of equality.
  • To be positive in their attitude and approach.
  • To be the future pillars and the leaders in the society.
  • To help the society in their all round development.
  • To lead the society and the country towards development.
  • To create the feeling of nationalism and the unity of the country.
  • To develop an International outlook and to create a scientific outlook.
  • To make them understand the importance of environment.
  • To take care of the systems of the educational institutions.

Our Mission

The college aspires to prepare potential teachers and educational leaders who are devoted to long-term learning in a changing world and who seek to present commendable educational services to enhance the quality of life in the society especially in the rural areas.
To provide pleasant education to probable teachers that will outfit to the cultural, moral, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the sacred mission of education.

Our Vision

The college aims at producing socially inclined, morally and ethically upright, professionally skilled and dedicated educators of tomorrow through the development of the fundamental values of life.
Teachers are the beacons of light in every society, the moral development and discipline of them are the foundation to serve the society genuinely.