About Red Ribbon Club

The red ribbon is a symbol for both drug prevention and for the fight against AIDS. The Red Ribbon Foundation is an example of an organization that utilizes the red ribbon symbol. The Red Ribbon Foundation is an organization founded in 1993 whose main purpose is the education about prevention of the Human Imunodeficiency Virus or HIV, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Related Complex, ARC and AIDS. Red like Love, as a symbol of passion and tolerance for those affected. Red like blood, representing the pain suffered by the many people who have died of AIDS. Red like the anger over the helplessness we are facing for a disease which still has no cure. Red as a sign of warning to not carelessly ignore one of the biggest problems of our time.

RRC Committee

S.No. Name Designation Position
1 Mrs.C.Nirmala ASST. PROF. IN HISTORY Coordinator